Family Cooking Class at your home

Minimum age 7 and older  |  8 family members or more  

3 Hours Class  |  Italian or Mexican Theme  |  Menu tailored on your dietary needs 


A Culinary Experience to remember!

Family members will prepare and cook dinner for themselves and enjoy dinner at home after class.

– Learn how to think outside the “recipe” for substitutions and changes within

– Learn how to compose a balanced meal, with seasonal ingredients

– Discover the importance of being fully aware of what you put inside your body

– Includes all natural and healthy ingredients, no shellfish, no peanuts,  no msg, no process foods

– Digital Recipes per person

– Knife skills

–3 hour class: 2 hands-on class, 1 lunch or dinner

Book now early evening of your choice!

$ 55.00 dollars per person