Personalized Food Coach @ Home

Chef Palma offers food coaching at your home where she will assess your current eating habits and guide you to take control of your health with smart food choices.

* Learn what to do and how to start changing old eating habits into delicious, positive and nutritious ones.

* Change your lifestyle at home, is not a diet.

* Learn about ingredients, where to shop, what to look for, what to avoid and why.

* Substitute and introduce new super foods to your life in a tasty manner.

* If Gluten Free do it the fun way.

* Learn how to reduce inflammation.

* Avoid obesity and chronic symptoms.

* Involve your family so you are not alone.

* Enjoy cooking together, eating healthy, delicious foods and feeling good from the inside and out.

* Using fresh and seasonal produce, whole foods and processed-free food, you will discover how good it tastes and how good you feel.

Learn more about the benefits of  a “plant base diet”  ?

 Program consists of four phases:

  • All About You (first class)
  • Your Kitchen from Inside Out (first class)
  • Let’s go shopping (second class)
  • Ready | Set | Cook  (third, forth and fifth class)

In only 5 sessions/10 hours of training-workshop at your home Chef Palma will convert your “kitchen at home” in a -Healthy & Nutricious One- giving you a lifestyle to follow.

Call Chef Palma 858-405-0954 to scheduled your consultation.

$ 600.00 per home.

Give the gift of Health to you and your loved ones.

Find out more about Weekly Hands-On Cooking  Classes  with Lunch or Dinner in Carmel Valley.

All About You

All About You

Personalized intake about you and your love ones at home
Your Kitchen From Inside & Out

Your Kitchen From Inside & Out

Learn what should take space in your pantry, fridge and freezer and what could be replace.
Let's Go Shopping

Let's Go Shopping

We will learn where to shop, what to purchase and why.
Ready, Set & Cook

Ready, Set & Cook

We will learn how to cook in advance and how simple, delicious and nutritious meals can be made by you and your family.