“I really enjoyed learning about many types of food. I liked how we had our own aeons and binders that contained every recipe for every dish we made. The class was not huge but also wasn’t extremely small. I liked learning everything…but my favorite part of the program was making the Flan Caramel of course!!” – Anastasia 13

“I met Chef Palma through the Scripps Center for Integrative Meicine. She was giving a cooking classes and I had just learned that I needed to make a fairly significant change in my diet due to health concerns. Chef Palma came to our house several times to help my wife and I with our new low fat, vegetarian diet. She was knowledgeable, generous and charming to work with. She really understands food and food preparation. Chef Palma was a great service to us”! – Richard 74

I loved being the “Host” and cooking and eating the food! – Melanie 11

Dear Chef Palma, Thank you so much for making my transition from carnivore to vegetarian so easy. Your demonstration and recipes are so delicious that my journey can only be described as a delightful experience! Love – Eugenia 63

This was the best camp ever!! – Ben 10

Chef Palma Tofu reached a Divine level Wednesday at class. Your Miso-Glazed Tofu was Heavenly! – Irv 80

On a scale 1-10 I’ll give it an 11!! – Connor 12

“It was awesome cutting, pouring, mixing and squeezing!! I learned to cut things in many different ways!” – Sam 13

I loved this program, it was a ton of fun and I learned a lot of things. I liked that we all participated in everything and all got to switch areas (chopping, BBQ, hot area, cold table), I can’t wait to come back next summer! – Kacey 11

Chef Palma, You have enriched my life in so many ways – Thank You! Love – Nancy 55


I was in the front row las Saturday when you presented your demonstration at Rancho La Puerta and lecture about healthy vegetarian cooking. I wanted to thank you for your inspiration, you game me so many new ideas and ways of combining things. I find cooking a gift we give to those we love and I will continue to learn and try new things. Thank you for your energy and commitment to health and education.  -Gloria 


Cheers to Chef Palma who prepared a healthy and delicious 7-course meal in our home last night!   -Lori