Z.E.N Foods

For all the other days when you do not have time to cook, Chef Palma recommends ZEN foods to help you practice healthy eating habits.

stabilize weight
help reduce hypertension
stabilized blood sugar
aids in combating Type 2 Diabetes
rich in antioxidants
decrease in cholesterol levels
no trans-fat
caloric control


Gluten Free
Low Sodium
Eating Clean and Living Lean is how we view our world at Z.E.N. Foods. Our goal is to have you in control of what you eat. But we also believe that eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up variety or great flavor. Our Vegetarian Select Menu was created with this philosophy in mind.

You now have the freedom to select from our well-planned, nutritious meals that are plant based and are cook full of fiber, protective phyto-nutrients and the anti-inflammatory ingredients you count on in a vegetarian program.

Please mention “Chef Palma” to get an extended discount.